Krish Murali Eswar’s Path of Prosperity

Krish Murali Eswar Speaks at TEDxJaipur 2011

Krish Murali Eswar Speaks at TEDxJaipur 2011

June 13, 2011. It was time to celebrate my wedding anniversary. That day, however, was different. I had quit my job. We found ourselves financially insecure.

Do you remember the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland? Alice would ask the cat for directions, but she wouldn’t know where she wanted to go. The disappearing cat would tell her that if she didn’t know where she wanted to go, then it didn’t matter where the roads led to.

Where did I want to go? How would any map help? Why did I join a journey only to quit later? Which journey would keep me satisfied for life? What destination would have me contended?

I looked around upon my life, and saw that it was clouded by smokes of pain. And I searched for the cause. I searched everywhere outside. I could not find it. I looked within. There I found both the cause of my sad state and how I caused it. I sat in introspection and found the remedy.

There is only one law, the law of cause and effect. My life has undergone complete transformation ever since I started following that law.

The Lesson From Devil

Have you ever found yourself restless and sad? That was precisely how I felt in June 2011. There was no money in the bank and no source of income. We were living in a large penthouse apartment that costed us quite a bit. We had a car and a driver that we could not afford any longer. Besides, my mother’s health was failing slowly but steadily.

Perhaps, every one of you had felt the sting of pain, or felt like being in deep waters of despair; perhaps even a tear-drop rolled down your cheeks in unspeakable angst at some point of time.

Pain, disease and death are three partners of everyone’s life, aren’t they? They are what I would like to call, the sons of Devil. Is there anyone who has not seen these sons? They have, I’m sure, visited your household. When they unleash themselves, no man is too big or strong enough to escape their wrath.

These three fellows wait upon our lives as if their lives depend on it! We could run away from these three chaps by indulging in objects of pleasure, shopping for fun, visiting halls of entertainment, or forgetting oneself in the comforting arms of loved ones. Happiness would, however, elude us.

Krish Murali Eswar Presents at TEDxJaipur 2011

Krish Murali Eswar Presents at TEDxJaipur 2011

We could drink or smoke or escape into sensual excitements to shut the three out of our world. We could dream and wish to surround ourselves with wealth and fame of the world and yet we will not be able to shake away from the shackles of these three.

Some seek courage by faithfully following religious rites. Yet, pain, disease and death never cease to keep themselves amused. Pain may reduce and disease may appear to lower its head just a wee bit giving us some solace. But if we are ill-prepared, some kind of sadness or temptation or misfortune which may break suddenly will shatter our momentary glass house of happiness.

Devil, like a sword hung around our necks, is ready to fall at a moment’s notice.

What could give one permanent happiness? Would it be money, wealth, prosperity, fame, friendship, material comfort, love, lucky chances or great opportunities? The rich often live in fear of poverty. The famous live in fear of obscurity. Peace is inversely proportional to wealth. Have you noticed that strange equation?

No one seems to have found that elusive happiness by amassing wealth. I had been materially affluent at one point of time in the past. Was it bliss? Far from it, I confess the truth. Could religion offer a safe haven? Could an intellectual pursuit or art or craft of a creative kind show a path towards lasting happiness? I am not sure about you. I have never been able to find lasting peace by following religious rites or by pursuing creative arts alone.

How, then, shall we escape the devil? Is there not a way at all? I dreamt of permanent happiness. Was it a foolish dream of a middle-aged man to seek permanent happiness, a lasting cure from Devil’s deeds? There is a way. I have found it. Devil could be conquered. It is my pleasure to share this good news with you. I have discovered a process by which pain or any other adverse condition could be pushed aside, never to return. There is a way to seek and find permanent prosperity.

Freedom is possible; independence from all of Devil’s actions. Bliss is realizable. For bliss to prevail, I had to first understand the nature of Devil, what caused the Devil to unleash its unbearable actions on me, like it did in mid-2011.

Devil could not be shooed away. It could not be ignored. Fretting didn’t help. I needed to know why and how I was pinned down by it. I had to get into my mind through introspection. I had to separate my condition from myself. Have you ever done that? Please try it. For a moment, imagine that you are different from your problems.

It may help to write your name on a piece of paper and put it on your table. Write your problems down, one in each piece of paper, and put them aside on your table away from your name. Imagine yourself inside the paper with your name. There you go.

You are now different from your problems, at least, in your imagination. That is a comforting beginning, I’d reckon. When I turned to be introspective, I acknowledged that I must stop being a disobedient student of life. I began to learn with humility and perseverance. Patience is another virtue of a learner, you see. This was when I began to see that Devil had no unlimited prowess. It was possible to conquer it. I started seeing Devil’s designs with a clarity that eventually helped me to overcome it.

I learnt to see every challenge as an opportunity to learn. I didn’t need to fear about anything any more. If success did not teach through failures, how else would it teach us? In fact, Devil was not even outside of me. My heart began to slowly learn the true nature of Devil and eventually discovered a way to overcome its designs. Have I gotten rid of Devil completely? I wouldn’t say that for sure. I no more fear it.

In fact, all my miseries were results of my ignorance. I was not prepared to learn. Once I was ready to learn my lessons, my life transformed into a path of prosperity.

Vethathiri Maharishi, Spiritual Guru of Krish Murali Eswar

Vethathiri Maharishi, Spiritual Guru of Krish Murali Eswar

I was feeling low. Yet, in the middle of all my financial problems, there were rays of hope. I read books. I met people who taught me things. I remembered my spiritual guru, Sri. Vethathiri Maharishi. He, too, had undergone severe testing times in his life before finding success.

I heard a friend of mine tell me that RK Swamy founded his advertisement studio when he was on the other side of fifty. I was still 47 in 2011. There was hope for me. It is never too late to pick yourself up and restart your life, I was assured by my wife. She is my best friend. How could she be wrong? She has faith in me. She always believed in my ability to swing things around for us. She showed me in better light. Positive pictures help in such testing times.

It became clear to me sooner than later that my own unfulfilled desires were stopping me from discovering unrestricted joy and bliss. The pain I felt was cast by me. It was nothing but my own self.

Failures at businesses, loss of jobs, property and health were merely attempts to teach me something. I knew not. I didn’t see it that way. I felt I was a victim of circumstances until I realized that I was the circumstance. I created them in my mind first and then it happened in the world without.

My lessons were not learned overnight. It took patience and perseverance to study the situations that caught me unaware and to find the root causes for each of them. I would have been unable to find even a single grain of happiness if I was not willing to look into myself.

I was shut in the dark room inside my mind. I denied that light ever existed within. It was a silent sort of denial. In truth, the light does exist everywhere. The darkness was a black cloud cast upon my mind by ignorance. It appeared in a very small corner of my mind. When the mind focused on that one little shadow, it refused to believe even the existence of light anywhere.

When I realized the cause of my pains, I started moulding my own circumstances. I decided to become the master of my own destiny. I began writing my own play of the future. I will be the lead actor in it and all others will have a constructive role in my evolution. It took several weeks. Finally, I scripted my mission, vision, purpose, goals and values and a way of life. I have now pasted them in my room. With humility, kindness and compassion I now proceed on my life’s mission. My life transformed. It continues to transform and evolve into something wonderful.

World is a Reflection of My Thought

I was disgusted with money. I had no knowledge of it. I had no respect for wealth. Prosperity never stayed with me. I soon realized that money was not an evil thing, after all. It could be useful in this world. Money could fetch me freedom to work for a living and start living for a cause. For this to happen, I must have a balanced regard for money and must respect its uses. It was created by man for a purpose. It serves the purpose, rightfully or wrongfully. I could have an opinion on how people put money to wrong uses. I need not despise it.

My world outside changed. My world inside changed, first. Everything around me was an experience or a resolution within my own inner self. What is outside of me never really matters as I now know that everything outside is a reflection of my state of consciousness.

Radha Eswar Listening Intensely at TEDxJaipur

Radha Eswar Listening Intensely at TEDxJaipur

I needed to acknowledge and be willing to accept a journey of consciousness. Everything else was mirrored according to the state of inner consciousness. My wife is a careful selection of my inner self. In the outer world, my meeting her was an incident. We were destined to be together. This is no wonder. She became my willing partner to help my consciousness evolve into what it is today. She continues to partner in my inner progress. So do all other people in my life.

Every circumstance was an experience needed for my evolution into a better human being. Whatever I needed to know was embedded within the experience I got. They became a part of myself. My thoughts, desires, ambitions and dreams comprise my world. Joy or sorrow, success or failure, richness or poverty, fame or obscurity, blessing or curses, wishes or evils; are all contained within my inner world.

The world without is created from my world within. I look around me. A laptop, an iPad, an iPhone, chairs, tables, switches, fans, bells, keys, bags, shirts, clock, light bulbs, a comb; everything that ever got invented by a human was fiction once. It existed only as a dream in the inventor’s mind before it became a reality. Likewise, I have created my world outside from the world inside.

I built up the power of thoughts within me through meditation and silent introspection. I kept aside a few hours a week for silent introspection. I began to change. The world outside began to change, to give shape to my destiny.

Purity of thoughts was needed to shape my actions. Except for a reflexive action, every action is preceded by a thought. Every thought would result in an action. Painless thoughts give pain-free results. Whatever I desired deep within myself would come alive sooner or later. It always did in the past. It shall always do in the future, too.

I attract my own destiny. There is nothing that has happened to me that I had not willed for. I may not instantly recall the exact thoughts. Through introspection, I certainly come to know the precise thoughts that brought pain and misery. There is no doubt in my mind that everything that I experienced was attracted by me.

Presenting at TEDxJaipur 2011 by Krish Murali Eswar

Presenting at TEDxJaipur 2011 by Krish Murali Eswar

My mental field acted like a magnet that brought about joy and misery, success and failure alike. I knew that the world outside would change only if I altered my mental field. The quality of actions is a direct result of the strength of thoughts. It is complex. It is not easy to understand. I cannot say I have understood every little design of my mental framework or intricacy in thought patterns.

I am getting there. Let it take an entire life’s journey. I am not fazed by this journey. There is great joy in discovering truth. I am no more controlling my mind to avoid unwanted things. I am, instead, focusing on what I need – what I need for myself, my family, my friends and relatives, the society and the world community. My dream is to help create and be part of a painless world.

My thoughts clothe my dreams in a particular colour. As I see it, the world outside me is beginning to wear the same colour. I am my thoughts. My world is a reflection of self. If I am happy, it is because I dwell in happy thoughts. If I am in pain, it is because I have indulged in miserable thoughts. The external world affects me like it affects you. There is pain, misery, disease, death and sin. Violence breaks out every day, in every part of the world.

Circumstances affect me only as much as I allow them to – and no more. If I do not know of the true nature of my inner self, if I am not conscious about it from minute to minute, I could be swayed by circumstances or by some sad news of the day. It is my belief now that my inner environment shapes my future, and not external circumstances. I do not fear much about what is happening outside of me. It is my dream to be the same inside no matter what happens outside of me. Who can take away my true inner worth? Self-esteem, sometimes I feel, is a smoke screen that I create to hide my self-worth. There is no need for this smoke screen for one who is guided
by inner light.

Worry must be eradicated, I have learnt. Eradication has a process. I have learnt it and practice it every day. I could not have created my today worrying about my future. Worry, to me, is soul suicide. How I have wasted my precious energies and time worrying about small details!

Fear of not having money and fear of not getting things on time were two concerns that used to eat my mind. I have, to a lot of extent, overcome the fear of both. As I overcame my fear of money and started respecting it for what it is worth, it started coming and staying with me.

ArtyPlantz , Co-founded by Krish Murali Eswar

ArtyPlantz , Co-founded by Krish Murali Eswar

We are not financially free, yet. We are getting there. We have started two businesses, ArtyPlantz and IdeinLab. Both businesses are growing at a handsome pace. We are finding money; or rather, money is finding us. People are finding us. Good colleagues are coming and joining us. Customers are finding us and are becoming our loyal friends and followers.

I am much more productive today than I had ever been in my entire life. I am happy inside. Peace is my companion. Peace is not a destination. Today, I feel that the financial insecurity was a blessing in disguise. We were pushed in the right direction. We gave ourselves hope, courage and strength to renew the world around us. We are new. We could be new every single day. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow will come. Today is in my hands.

A new kind of restlessness filled me at this stage, even though I was more at peace. ‘How could I rest when I feel peace inside?’, I felt. ‘Rest, I shall, one day. On that day, I shall certainly rest in peace knowing that at least a handful of people have found hope, faith and courage because of whatever little I have done in my life. What could I do now to remove the pain of a few others? I feel peace inside me. What could I do to spread the goodness to others?’. That feeling, my friend, is priceless. I must thank you for giving me the chance to show you a path, a path less travelled, a path that is waiting to take you towards bliss, a path of prosperity.

I discovered the purpose of my life when I started listening to my heart. There is goodness inside me. There is goodness inside you. The very fact that you are reading this shows me that you believe in the goodness inside me. I believe in your goodness. I write this believing in the goodness inside you. I wish to spread goodness through my words and actions. There is hope for the world as long we give goodness a chance to develop, first within ourselves and then around us.

Pain for one is pain for all. We must spread hope. Our thoughts, words and deeds must help remove pain. This is the ‘Cause.’

When we cause no pain to others or ourselves, now or in the future, physically or mentally, we begin a journey of wisdom. Our actions and results will be in perfect harmony with nature and its unfailing laws. The trustworthy trusts others. The truthful person believes in the truth of others.

The loving one shows sympathy and care. One who is honest demonstrates courage. The realized self sees goodness in all. What do you wish for? Give the world what you wish for. It will come back to you. I am beginning to give to you what I wish to receive from the world. I am learning. I am sharing my lessons. What do you wish for?

Your kingdom is within you. Never doubt it. Trust me when I say this. I believe in my inner strength and am experiencing a transformation.

You could experience a better world. Build your inner world, one brick at a time. As you proceed to build layers of foundation, you shall pass through moments of revelation and realization. You shall discover, much better than I do, the magic inside you. Ours is a self-diagnostic, self-healing system. Experience it. Awaken the magic genie in you. Discover his hypnotic powers. Mesmerise yourself. Dream. Act. Enjoy. Bliss. The cause is You.

Heaven Inside, Life Goal of Krish Murali Eswar

Heaven Inside, Life Goal of Krish Murali Eswar

Out of Poverty

Poverty is a state of mind, I assure you. Devil is a passing cloud, I guarantee. Goodness is within, I have seen it. The world is a mirror that reflects your inner self. Everything is an unerring pattern of cause and effect system. Nothing escapes this law. This is the only law of prosperity you will never need to learn and remember.

Every little thought, word, or deed follows this law. The precision of implementation of this law is flawless. Nothing is a coincidence. There is no accident.

When we bless someone, we are our first beneficiaries. If we curse, we curse ourselves first. This is precisely the reason why we are taught to think good. Thoughts are powerful. They either make riches for us or push us into poverty.

Nature is harmonious. Every order is precise. No pattern is random. Each function is predictably regular. What we sow, so we reap. You have heard of this before, am sure. No one can cheat this perfect law. No one can evade this law. I have tried. I have failed. I have paid for all my wrong deeds. I have to. You have to pay for your actions for there is a result waiting for every action of yours.

Fire must burn its course and complete its job. Prayers may help to withstand the burning and give courage in order to face the burns or deal with the scars. Scars will heal in time as nature is a self-healing system. Medicines do not cure. Your doctor will tell you that. The body heals itself. Medicine only catalyses the healing action and sometimes accelerates the process. If the body decides to reject the medicine, there is nothing you or the doctor could do anything about.

The same law applies to the mind. Thoughts that harm bring harm, eventually. A prosperous mind attracts prosperity. A happy mind attracts happiness. Healthy thoughts contain healing powers.

We, in my family, spend New Year’s day praying for world peace. We sit together in a circle every January first and wish that the entire world live in peace, prosperity and harmony. We do the same on August 14th, Vethathiri Maharishi’s, our guru’s, birthday. He has taught us to wish the world regularly. When we wish the world, are we not wishing ourselves? I have gotten into this habit of wishing for others as many times in a day as possible.

Even as I wait in a queue to catch a vehicle, I automatically start blessing someone whose name or face crosses my mind. I imagine the person in my mind and wish him good health, long life, enough wealth, peace, prosperity and wisdom.

The path I took to get here, and the one on which I continue my journey, looked barren at the start. It didn’t look like a beaten path. Not many people had gone up this path. It is easier to live with pain, I sometimes feel. It is harder to avoid pain and not cause pain. I assure you that all my wisdom fails me when I see that new flavour of ice cream. A cup here or there would not harm me, I’d argue with myself. Do I stop with just one cup? It is easier to indulge without having to think. It is harder to think and restrain.

Thinking is, perhaps, the hardest job. We love to take the lazy path. Nature’s order is well balanced. It shows us a path through our pains. Without pain, would we learn? Without effort would we get prosperous? Without thinking would we know how? Without diligence would we stay the course? Without focus would we reach the destination? Without knowing who we are, could we play our part well?

When we learn, the world is anew. It brings to us riches that we had never imagined. When I started on this new path towards my vision, new friends came along. New business opportunities came knocking on our doors. We didn’t have to try hard. I look back and wonder what brought these people to us. This is pure magnetism.

IdeinLab, Co-founded by Krish Murali Eswar

IdeinLab, Co-founded by Krish Murali Eswar

IdeinLab happened because a couple of people who heard of our earlier work insisted on us designing their buildings. A large builder, to whom we never attempted to market ourselves, heard about ArtyPlantz and came to us all of a sudden. We were blessed with his order to design a landscape using our empowering gardens for his 80 acre property. How did this happen? Magnetism. Attraction. Law never fails. I changed my inner world. The world outside changed.

There is no use blaming oneself, one’s parents, one’s birth, one’s employer or the Devil for one’s miseries. Look within. The reason for pain is inside, the inner thought patterns. The good news is precisely in there. There is no Dark Lord. There is no ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.’ Present is the creation from the past. Therefore, the future will be creation from the present. Start changing today. Now. It takes only a fraction of second to make up the mind. What causes pain? Get rid of it. How could we help today to remove pain of others? Start doing it. This is our new cause. Never cause pain. Help remove pain for others.

I have fretted and complained. I have worked with colleagues who constantly cribbed. I have blamed others for my miseries. The truth is that I was the cause for my poor state. I was the cause of my poverty in June 2011. The state I found myself in was brought about by my own actions.

There was no use blaming someone else. The moment I realized this, I changed. The world outside took some days to change. It eventually altered to suit my new inner order. It continues to transform. This is a journey that is worth living for. The reward is the journey itself. My final destination is immaterial to me as I do not know where life will lead me from here. I do not know for sure. I do not need to know. I submit myself to this path of peace. This path of non-hurting is where I wish to belong to. I want it this way. Let it take me where I need to go. It would only be to help evolve into a better human being, in order to help learn the true self. Who am I? I wish to hear it from within. I wish to stay in bliss ever listening to the voice from within speaking about truth. So, ask yourself…Who are you?

Krish Murali Eswar Making a Point at TEDxJaipur 2011

Krish Murali Eswar Making a Point at TEDxJaipur 2011

A complainer deserves his pain. Brave is someone who endures pain. I heard of a little story once. A man searched for a great soul to learn from. He found a sage who directed him to a lady. When he reached her house, he found a crippled lady, alone, in a dilapidated place with very little comforts. She had lost her husband. Her children had left her and gone their ways. She had no relatives or friends.

Her eyesight and hearing were failing. What could he learn from her? He didn’t understand why the sage sent him to her. He explained the reason for his visit. She too thought he had come to the wrong place. She said she was happy with her life and she had no complaints. She had no complaints?! She looked very happy, to him, in spite of all her miseries. He learnt his lesson. The state within has no connection with the world outside. No matter what the pains are, one can smile. Can you? What is your attitude today?

Like our clothes, we choose our attitude every day. I woke up at five am this morning to talk to you through this post. Why? Because, I wish to learn from the world one day. I need to share my lessons with the world today. You will not share your life’s lessons with me if I am not sincere about sharing mine. I must take the first step because there is gain at the end of it all. Bliss is a state of mind that can be reached through giving. There is joy in sharing. There is learning even in sharing. Lessons are reinforced in me.

Each step is a learning process. I must learn my lesson before I am ready to move to the next step. I experience this all the time. I may be impatient to learn the next step. It does not appear until I have learned my lesson. The day the lesson is learned, a new step automatically appears and takes me further. There is a test at the end of each step. The test is very practical.

The result is new learning. A new awakening awaits me at the end of every experience.

One who feels he deserves better must first show that he could take care of what he has. He should have enough generosity and leadership within himself to bless others. When you bless others, you will have on your plate to count your blessings.

I bless everything around us. Truly, the small kitchen we now have in our new rented house, is a blessing. The food we cook is a blessing. The water we drink is a blessing. The owners are a blessing. Neighbours are a blessing. The environment is a blessing. They all deserve my blessings. As I bless them, they bless me back. They protect my family. Our thoughts guide us. Do I hold our colleagues and customers in high esteem? Do I bless them? Do I care for them? Do I eliminate their pain points? When I do, I show to nature that I deserve better.

Janani and Supriya ArtyPlantz after a mouthful of Blue Jamun.

Janani and Supriya ArtyPlantz after a mouthful of Blue Jamun.

People in our two companies are our biggest blessings. They deserve better. They must prosper. They are there to take care of our companies such that prosperity could spread. I sometimes feel that it is a crime on my part to blame them for their errors.

They know their mistakes. Why should I find fault in them? Everyone feels accountable. They love to contribute meaningfully. My job is to help in creating a meaningful environment and meaningful work. This is my new attitude. I am learning to keep this attitude. This is a lesson taught by life and something that I did not learn in my Harvard Business School’s executive education program or through their HBR articles.

A boss who complains about poor employees will never attract better employees. He deserves his lot. An entrepreneur who thinks of his customers as donkeys will be kicked in his back. His customers will not even allow him entry to their abodes. Love and compassion cannot find their place in a heart filled with hatred.

I have wasted hours and days daydreaming about becoming rich and famous. Daydreams and desires got replaced in my mind with faith and courage. Faith allows me to persist on my path towards creating a painless world. Courage gives me strength to work hard at it every day.

There is never a tomorrow for one who cannot use his today wisely, or learn from his past wisely. The present moment is true. That is all one needs to care about. Am I using this moment wisely? A book is written one word at a time. Each word is written one letter at a time. New words of wisdom will flow through the hands and I do not have to fret about writing. There is no writer’s block to one who is wise enough to remain a humble learner of life.

I wished for more time per day. I had to show that I was putting my time for good use. Time is a characteristic of the eternal force that governs the universe and our world. What stopped me from getting better things faster? My own rudderless, unfulfilled desires and thoughts. It will always be in my hands to carve my tomorrow, if I filled today with purpose, determination and acted with humility and wisdom.

What stops me from innovating? My past successes and cumulative present thoughts. How could I hope to innovate if I am unwilling to change my methods? How could I succeed if I am not investing in experimenting? How could I get into the habit of success if I am afraid of failures? I could meet failures. I must meet failures. There would be no other way to learn to succeed. I could not be termed a failure until I have given up hope. This juggling of past and future in the context of present actions is what will help one succeed faster.

Do you wish for fame? Spread your blessings. When you wish me well as you think of me, I consider it as my true fame. Fame is not recognition or acclaim. It is the wishes of people whom you serve. See how your life transforms when you keep this definition in mind. You are no more working to be recognized by the world but working to serve to a handful of people, your clients, colleagues, and associates.

Your service, a selfless kind, will fetch you recognition automatically. If you went after fame, that very desire will burn your energies. Fear and despair will then enter your heart. Some of the greatest souls in the world had grown up in abject poverty. Some beautiful flowers have blossomed in wastelands. Being poor is not so bad. It is the state of poor in one’s mind that needs to be avoided.

Practice self-restraint. Learn to be patient. Have faith in your vision. Be courageous enough to work hard at your vision every wakeful day of your life.

I used to complain that I was being treated unfairly by a few others. The attitude of unfairness was merely in my own mind. Once I changed the attitude I got out of being treated unfairly. I can now say with reasonable certainty that I am not being treated unfairly any more by anyone. As I overcame my habits, I overcame the impact of bad thoughts from others. As I proceeded to serve others, I invited their appreciation of me.

In order to rise above poverty, I needed to eradicate poor thoughts, selfish behaviours, and hurtful words. This was the only way to elevate my life. Only in such a purer state would prosperity come and stick with me. I needed to be sure that I wouldn’t oppress the poor if I became rich again. I used to complain of the rich oppressing the poor. I had to get rid of such fears and thoughts. The difference was in my mentality. Oppression of any kind is not good in the society.

Our society is a mere reflection of the collective minds of its members, you and me. I needed to shake off the illusion that I was the oppressed and the aggressor was someone else. I was only injured by what was within me. Self-pity was more damaging than the oppressive act of others. There is nothing more debilitating than self-pity in this world. Such a pity was a form of poverty by itself ! With self-pity I could not hope to grow. I had to get rid of it as soon as I decided to create a new world around me. Has self-pity gone out forever?

It rears it’s head once in a while. Old habits die hard. The journey has started. Self-pity has no space in my baggage any more. I love to travel light.

Gratification is an equation of fulfilment of desires with what is our gift today. What cannot be seen must never block our sight. Why worry about the future when I have a present to live for? Today is real. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is fiction. What I can do today, I shall not postpone for tomorrow.

Prosperity is about richness of thought in the now. I needed to fill my mind with virtuous thoughts. Richness merely followed me into my real world, the more I kept my thoughts rich. My family and I survived the past year and a half with the blessings of all those who helped us. Most of these people who help us or helped us either didn’t exist or at least didn’t exist in the present state of mind two years ago in my life.

Where did they suddenly appear from? The world within me changed. The new world order attracted new set of people. Isn’t there a simpler way to make money and become rich without getting rid of selfish and pain-giving thoughts? Sure, there is. What use would such richness be? Will it lead to bliss? Would I have a moment of peace? Would my head rest on a rich pillow when my heart was filled with hatred, selfishness, anger, worry and greed? Would I find a painless life by causing harm to others? Do I want to be financially rich without goodness enveloping me? No, that would make me a poor-rich man.

Krish Murali Eswar Launching the Bring Back the Sparrow Campaign in Bangalore with Chief Conservator of Forests Sri. Jayakumar

Krish Murali Eswar Launching the Bring Back the Sparrow Campaign in Bangalore with Chief Conservator of Forests Sri. Jayakumar

My heart is my sanctuary. The goodness inside needs to be worshipped as God. It is a duty to let goodness guide all actions by letting one enter the door of the inner holy temple. I held myself back. Pain surrounded me. I let me in. I know no sorrow. Other end of mind is bliss. Experience it to believe me.

Mind has no shape or colour or sound. It takes the shape of things that it experiences. Experience silence and bliss will follow. Silence can be experienced through listening to one’s heart. Perhaps, that is why the words silent and listen are spelt with the same letters. I wasn’t born rich. Who wouldn’t want a rich father? Inheriting wealth is better than working hard to earn it, one would think. I thought so, too, until one day I came to know that 99% of family’s wealth in the world never lasts beyond the third generation. Why does this happen? Would it not be better to grow from nothing to something in one’s lifetime? Would it not be great to leave a legacy for children than to inherit the riches from someone? Would we want to spend dad’s riches and become a pauper in one life time? Is such a life worth living for?

Would it not be unwise to go after money without first cleansing one’s hearts? Worthy is one who is pure at heart and one who has no selfish or harmful thoughts. Instead of focusing on making money, focus on make oneself useful to the society. Find major causes of pain. Do whatever one could, to eliminate the causes of pain. Society would, in turn, take care and shower one with endless wealth. God cannot appear, one fine day, suddenly in front of us. He has no shape or form. Goodness inside is God. Worship goodness in all.

Goodness will develop and envelop all the time. God will appear in the form of others. Good people will come. Prosperity will follow them into your house. Prosperity, the truer kind that I am talking about here, is directly proportional to how much pain you have helped remove in the society.

Aim at self-perfection. Be ready for wealth to find you. When it finds you, be worthy of holding on it such that good deeds could be spread far and wide. I had to find a cause for my need for money. Without the cause I would never have attracted the prosperity that is turning my way now.

I believe that my life’s lessons could help you in your life’s journey. You must find your own inner voice. It is not important for me that you agree with my ideas. You must agree with yourself. You must follow your heart. If I have provided a spark for you to create and follow your vision, I have achieved what I set out to achieve. If there were ten souls, initiated by my words and actions, who went out there in the wide open world and sought their directions in their own way, I would die a peaceful death. I have a picture in my mind of me in my deathbed.

In that picture, I am about to die and am surrounded by at least ten people. They were inspired by who I was and what I did and followed their hearts and found peace within themselves. I die a peaceful man looking at these ten souls after having lived a fulfilling life. I do not wish to die before that. This movie has played in my mind hundreds of times. It is a regular show. Would you be one of those ten people standing around me in my dying moments? Maybe yes. Whatever all this may be to you, I sincerely wish that after reading this post of mine, you listen to your heart and do precisely what it asks you to do.

Give yourself a chance. Let goodness from within guide you. World would be better place if each human allows goodness to develop inside. Be Blessed, my friend!

Thank you!

Thank you, my friend, for patiently reading this long post. Without your interest, I would not have bothered to write such a long post as this one.

Innovate & Prosper,

Krish Murali Eswar.

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